Sphynx Cat Shampoo Recommendation

I have been looking for YEARS for a good Sphynx cat shampoo that would work for Sphynx cat Luna who has dry skin and also work for Sphynx kitten Lucy who has oily skin. 3 months ago I was watching a TV show on the benefits of Emu oil and how it is good for the skin and for arthritis and other ailments and then they started talking about how good it is for pet skin as well. Naturally my ears perked up and I decided to try some out.

One of the big problems with supposedly “Sphynx shampoos” out there is they are made with harsh chemicals (and in far off places like China where you can never be sure what they REALLY put in it). It’s scary to think what it is actually doing to your Sphynx’s skin. Using human shampoo is just as bad as that is designed for PH levels different to our Sphynx’s skin. This shampoo is made here in Australia where we have stringent consumer laws about ingredients and also the best Emu oil in the world.

Emu Oil Pet Shampoo has the wonderful property of being able to clean oily skin as well as soothing and moisturising dry skin. Luna is a new cat, with soft supple skin, and Lucy’s brown oiliness disappears in a flash in the bath and I swear she stays cleaner, longer.

The shampoo isn’t mixed with scents (which you and your animals can be allergic too, and they upset animal skin) so it doesn’t smell like human shampoo, but it has no lingering smell either. It is very natural, and soothing. Also the shampoo goes a looooong way, I am still on my first bottle from 3 months ago, you really only need a smidgen, so the value cannot be beat.

Both Luna and Lucy have given Emu Oil Pet Shampoo their stamp of approval. To buy some just click this link

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10 Responses to “Sphynx Cat Shampoo Recommendation”

  1. Michelle says:

    PLEASE HELP! I have a wonderful three year old Sphynx who I adore. We have a serious problem though and I was hoping you might be able to provide some guidance. When she defecates, or poops, she almost always gets feces (poop) all over her rear end (anus, vagina, and tail). She then leaves her box and proceeds to get it all over our house. We have tried different foods, use pine litter, and have resorted to having to clean her every time she does her business. I don’t mind so much but if we are not around when she goes, or when we leave for vacation, it becomes a major problem. Not only is it very difficult to avoid getting poop all over the house, and it’s not easy finding someone who will take care of her and clean her butt, but if the feces is not cleaned off her entire bottom gets very red, irritated, and infected. To make things even more dire, we now have a baby (7 months old) and having her poop all over the house and most recently in his toy box and on his toys is not only unsanitary but unhealthy. Have you ever seen this before? Do you have any suggestions? Please post on your blog if possible so that someone may help!

    Thank you,

    Allison Reply:

    Hi Michelle

    I am guessing that her faeces are not solid for her to be getting in such a state. I really recommend a complete raw diet to clean up the tummy issues, it does work and your Sphynx is probably in a lot of intestinal distress.

    One thing that does concern me is that the faeces are causing a skin rash, which might be because there is something else going on too, I would definitely visit the vet with a faeces sample to ensure there is not an acid/alkali imbalance or a fungal infection like staph happening as well.

    Cats are very stoic animals (in that they will rarely show pain even when they are gravely ill) and having chronic diahrrea must be very unpleasant. Even though a raw diet is more work than opening a can of food, it’s going to save years of misery. Try it for a week, you should see results within a day or two (oh and teh poo will go to a very dark colour and almost odourless which is natural)

  2. Gia says:

    Hey there!

    I looked for an email, but couldn’t find one. You seem really knowledgeable on this breed, so I was hoping you might be able to answer a couple of questions for me. I am looking to adopt a Sphynx cat, and I have been in touch with a cattery in Ontario called BEESO CATTERY. Just wondering if you know anything about this breeder? The cat I am looking to adopt is 4 years old, and being retired from the breeding program. Is this a normal age to be retired from a breeding program? Are there anything red flags I should be looking for with this cat?

    Let me know via email if you could!! :)

    shift Reply:

    If you want to investigate something, just type in the name of the cattery and attach “complaints” after it. Your answer should be there.

  3. Jennifer says:


    I have been using a baby body wash on my sphynx. I have also started using just a little Vitamin E oil on her skin on dry spots.

    Do you have any raw recipes you can share or recommend for our kitties? My sphynx, Kitty Baby, is eating a dry cat food and really likes it, but her poo smells HORRIBLE!!!! She can clear the room with her stink. I’m thinking based on your response to Michelle, that maybe the toxic odor could be some what eliminated by changing her diet to a raw diet.

    Allison Reply:

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for dropping in!

    I have a post here Sphynx Cat Raw Food Diet that has a recipe at the bottom. I have swapped the chicken hearts for beef or lamb heart because I can’t get chicken hearts where I am. Also if you don’t want to get a grinder then getting a good heavy meat cleaver and chopping the meat to bits and mixing also works. I cleaver the “knuckle” bits of the bones and chop them finely (well as much as you can) before putting through the grinder to ensure the grinder has a longer lifespan. I think I should put an updated post with new recipe up :)

  4. Lynn Hamric says:

    I have a one year Sphynx. He is adorable and loves taking a bath. My problem is that he “kneels” a lot and when he is even sleeping he has his front paws curled in such a way his knees touch the floor. This causes a LOT of oil buildup that is impossible to get off. His little knuckles always look like they are sun burned. What do you suggeset?

    Allison Reply:

    HI Lynn

    In our house we call that “chicken winging” lol . I have two suggestions for that – first one is get the baby wipes out before and after bed. Sometimes though the oil won’t be removed that way, then you need to remove oil with oil. Some people use coconut oil (which is white and solid when sold) and I use emu oil which is sold at the same place as the shampoo above. Try the baby wipes first if you haven’t already.and see how it goes.

  5. With any ‘poo’ issues that include diarrhea and foul odor, it is also wise to have fecal tests (more than the simple ova/parasite by centrifugation) done for Giardia (antigen), and proceed to check for toxoplasmosis, tritrich and bacterial overgrowth such as clostridium and salmonella. My Sphynx was eventually tested for toxo after he didn’t respond to treatments for coccidia and giardia, and was positive for toxo. He was treated for that and has been fine ever since.

  6. Rubenesque says:

    Hello, you seem very knowledgeable on the subject of Sphynx cats. I am looking into breeders and will soon be getting a kitten of my own.
    But my question is, is it okay to wash the kitten with baby shampoo/oil/wash?