Sphynx Cat Emergency

It’s summer her in Australia. Warm and sunny,  and Luna and Pierre love sneaking out onto the slate covered patio to lay on the warm stone, or sniff around the plants in the back yard.  This morning was no exception, I was hanging out washing and the house doors were open to air the house. The backyard is surrounded by a 7 foot fence which is wood on two sides and metal fencing at the back.

Somehow, and we haven’t figured out how yet, Pierre has managed to get into next door. The house with the four huge dogs, that bark and pant at our fence any time we go into the back yard. Sphynxes, being Sphynxes are too curious and fearless to be left alone,  and yet while I was right there, I still don’t know how he got over.

Pierre is currently in a bad way at the emergency vets. It appears he has been bitten across the ribs and abdomen. His skin has been pierced top and bottom.  He has some swelling in his abdominal area but that might just be from the bite.  He was in obvious pain and panting while we rushed him to the vets.

The vets cannot do anything for a couple of hours until Pierre’s breathing improves and he can be x-rayed. He is sitting up in the oxygen box and taking note of the things around him, and that gives me hope he will be able to pull through this. Still until we know what is wrong it is hard not to run through dire prognoses.

Pierre apparently gave as good as he got and Barry, the labra-doodle that was his attacker, apparently was covered in scratches bites, and his own blood.

Pierre in the oxygen box at vets

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