Sphynx Cat Clothes – Win A Custom Made Sweater!

I am so excited to announce the first of many planned competitions we have lined up here at the Sphynx Cat Blog.

The prize is an awesome custom-made Sphynx Cat Sweater from Sami’s Sweaters, made to your specifications.

How To Enter:

So how do you enter? Easy! Just sign up for the Sphynx Cat Blog email¬†newsletter before August 5th, 2009. That’s all you have to do. If you already on the list then you are in the draw already. I will draw a random winner from all subscribed members…too easy!


Prize Details :

Imagine your Sphynx (or Sphynx-to-be) sporting a sweater like one of Sami’s examples below. My recent survey on Sphynx cat clothes showed that getting good quality clothing was difficult for many of our readers. Sami’s makes wonderful knitted Sphynx cat clothes, either long or short styled in your choice of wool and pattern. If you can’t wait to win our contest to order one of these then drop a line to PitRottMommy@aol.com


Warm Sphynx Cat Sweater

Warm Sphynx Cat Sweater

Gorgeous Sphynx Cat Sweater

Gorgeous Sphynx Cat Sweater

Sphynx Cat Pirate!

Sphynx Cat Pirate!


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17 Responses to “Sphynx Cat Clothes – Win A Custom Made Sweater!”

  1. JaguarJulie says:

    My hubby would surely love to have a Sphynx as opposed to our country club cats who shed all over our house. This is such an interesting cat! I actually think the cat sweater COMPLEMENTS your cat.

  2. Sphynx Lair says:

    I can verify these sweaters are great, quite a few of my Sphynx Lair members have purchased these sweater from the Sphynx Lair site! As a matter of fact SphynxForum is her home base.
    see you there! remember “If It’s Got Hair, It’s Just a Cat!”

  3. Audra says:

    Hello, I have been researching this breed as well, and I have found three catteries nearest me, how would I go about knowing if they are the freal thing?

    Allison Reply:

    Hi Audra

    Firstly contact them and ask them what association they belong to and register through, then check with that association whether they are in fact registered.
    Ask for some references of previous purchasers.
    Ask if they do regular HCM scans and can you see copies of the results.
    Ask to visit them and check their premises and the parents. If something doesn’t feel right, or smell right then be very cautious
    Do thorough Google searches on each one to see if they come up with good or bad comments.

    That should give you a start :) Good luck!

  4. Marisa says:

    Hello, I have 2 Sphynx cats, siblings, male and female.
    I have been trying to find sweaters for them. We live in Massachusetts and it gets cold for them sometimes. I really love the black one with the skull! Can you send me info if you can make me 2 sweaters?? Would love the black with skull and another sweater, hot pink with either black skull or white skull whatever looks best!

    Allison Reply:

    I have pointed Marisa at Sami’s Sweaters who makes this gorgeous Sphynx cat clothing

    Amanda Reply:

    Ebay is a great place too. i have found a few “stores” that give all profits to shelters and research…

    Maria Reply:

    Hi Marisa: We live in Massachusetts too, and just rescued a Sphinx from Philly. We have found some local pet supply stores that carry sweaters that fit well, other than the leg openings being too large. I plan on stitching them closed a bit…Maria

    Marisa Reply:

    Hi Maria,
    I have found some that were cute in Walmart…yes I know sad to purchase from there but they were cute! My 2 cats are 7 years old and didn’t take to liking them so much..they walked backwards trying to wiggle out of them or would walk with their bellys close to the floor really slow, was funny to watch! So I took the sweaters off. How did you get your cat use to wearing them?

    maria petti Reply:

    She doesnt always love it. If the leg holes are big enough she wiggles out of them. I also got a well-fitting shirt at CVS of all places. It is a heavy ribbed cotton (“wife beater”) with a tacky skull and cross bones design. She finds it comfortable, but refuses to be seen in it out and about…

    Marisa Reply:

    Oh my God that shirt sounds adorable for them! Do they still sell them at CVS? I guess I could try that seeing as it could be less itchy for them…Your cat sounds just like my female…=)

  5. Nele says:

    where can I buy the black sweater with the little skull on it?

  6. dustin says:


    Like Allison said be careful who you buy your kitten from I bought a kitten in Florida and he was DEATHLY sick 24 hours after getting him home, the health cert was a FAKE! I knew something was wrong with him 4 hours after I had bought him, but I could not return him momey was not worth his life. I knew that they would do nothing for him if they sold him to me that sick. He was infested with worms and had a URI. 400$ LATER my baby is great :) I am purchasing another in Febuary and I have done my research believe me….. I hope you have found your kitten they are the most loving and amazing kittens out there :)

  7. Marita N. Johansen says:

    I have been on the lookout for clothes for my sphynx cat.
    Bechause when she is in heat, my nutered orienal cat “rides” her, and she turns all red om her thies, and around the tail area on both sides. (he uses his back legs to push her closer to the floor.)
    So, do any of you know where to get a sweather that is long enough to cover her all the way to the tail?
    I’m afraid I have to make it myself, and I dont think that will be a good idea.. :)
    I hope any of you can help me.. :)

    Have a nice day! :)

    Sami Reply:

    We make long sweaters that go down to the tail.

    Sami Reply:

    We make long sweaters that go all the way down to the tail. They’re custom made to fit each cat that we create for. Please visit our website!


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