Sphynx Cat Blog is Back

Wondering why there’s been no Sphynx cat blog news lately? There’s been a MAJOR issue with my webhost that caused an issue with posting AND with posts being seen on the web….Hopefully that is all fixed now and we are able to get going again. There’s a heap of Sphynx cat questions to answer in the email and pictures to put up.

Chat soon!

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One Response to “Sphynx Cat Blog is Back”

  1. saffiesmom says:

    hi new 2 this website. i have a sphynx &dont quit know how 2 use this site. will u explain ,please? i read about the emu oil shampoo & it cost me 34:80 cents in ok.i trid the vets around here & no luck,nothing 4 sphynx. where i live no 1 has ever dealt with sphynx.do u have any suggestions on this sub.?by the way i like this blog.hope 2 chat more.