Putting Your Sphynx On A Raw Food Diet

One of the biggest concerns Sphynx cat owners, or potential owners, have is what to feed their Sphynx cat.  I now know what the answer is for my Sphynxes after having them on a raw food diet for the last week.

Raw Food Value

One of the main reasons I was looking to move the cats to a raw food diet was the cost of the premium food I was feeding them. The three of them were going through on a daily basis around 10 cans of wet food (10 x 85grams) at $1.45 each. Add on top of that the dry food at around $2 a day ($42 a bag for 3.63 kg ) and we have a total of $16.35 a DAY.

Compare that to my first batch of raw food in which I made a bit of a logistical error on when I purchased chickens at $5.95 a kg (when I thought the sign said $5.95 each – oops!). All up I made around 6 days worth from 2 chickens + giblets + hearts + livers + turkey mince + butternut pumpkin (squash). Sum total $30 or $5 a day.

That’s a 66% saving.

sphynx cat raw food

Raw Food Bowel Benefits

If you are a Sphynx owner then you will know the pain and embarrassment of what can happen when your Sphynx eats something that doesn’t agree with it. Firstly there is the soft bowel movements (to be kind) or the out and out explosive diarrhea.The stench of the stool is so bad that sometimes it felt like we were living in an open sewer. Finally there is the rumbling belly that can end in gas so bad it can clear a room. A Sphynx’s gut is a sensitive thing.

On the manufactured food all three of my gang had stinky poos and the kitten had smelly farts. The consistency of their bowel movements were softish.

Introduce the raw diet and within one day they had firmer poos and ….none of that house clearing stench! It used to be easy to know when one had gone to the litter box. Now I have to check the boxes to see if there is poo there because the smell is not strong enough to alert anyone that they have gone.

I didn’t bother doing a slow introduction to the gang as they were having chicken wings a few times a week to supplement the manufactured food. There has been no negative response from their digestive tracts what-so-ever.

I don’t think I have been this happy about the state of poo since I had my human babies!

But Do The Sphynx Cats Like Their New Raw Diet?

From the moment I put the first bowl down all three have been massive fans of the new food. The three eat around 650-800 grams at a sitting which is around the same as what they were eating with the manufactured food. Sphynx cat Luna used to eat mostly dry food whereas Sphynx cat Pierre and Sphynx Kitten Lucy ate a combination.

Feed times are filled with smacking lips as they race each other to finish their bowls. They just LOVE it.

Raw Sphynx Cat Food Recipe

For 6 days – 3 cats

4 kilos whole chicken
.5 kilos chicken giblets
.5 kilos chicken hearts
.5 kilos chicken livers
.5 kilos turkey mince
.5 kilos butternut pumpkin
Lysine freeze dried powder
Pro-Biotic liquid

Meat cut up and run through a Northern Tool Grinder (highly recommended!) and the whole thing took less than half an hour.

sphynx cat raw food ingredients

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10 Responses to “Putting Your Sphynx On A Raw Food Diet”

  1. Sphynx Forum says:

    Yay! I’m so glad to hear your transition to raw was a huge success! Often the most obvious immediate benefit is seen in the litter box, LOL. I’ve been considering having t-shirts printed with “I love raw poop”, but the rest of the world probably wouldn’t understand…haha!

    I’m curious, have you noticed any of the other benefits that come with raw feeding yet? Like increased energy…are your cats bouncing off the walls even more than they were before? After her first raw meal, my 8 year old got up and ran around the house like a kitten. I’m still amazed at how much energy these guys have, how much healthier and happier they are, and how sparkling white their teeth are!

    Some days I think it would be a lot easier to crack open a can or scoop some kibble from a bag, but I will never go back to that after realizing the benefits of raw feeding for the past year. And that decision is driven home every time I come across yet another pet food recall notice that I no longer have to worry about!


    Allison Reply:

    Hi Brooke

    I was going to write something about the increased energy of Pierre but wasn’t sure whether it was the combination of the food and the medications he was on, or just the food. I do know there is a lot of vertical tail action around the house (always the sign of a happy cat).

    I should have taken a before and after picture of their teeth!

  2. Swayze says:

    That’s so great! I don’t have a sphynx, but I do have a border collie, a maine coone, and 2 tabby cats who have all been raw since November 2007. It has improved their health tremendously, from their digestion to their fur and even to my BC’s hip dysplasia!

    There’s no way I could ever go back to feeding them commercial pet food.


  3. Jenny says:

    Great to see this post!! I put my two sphynx cats on a total raw diet about a year ago. I couldn’t find any quality canned or dry food that wouldn’t give them the stinky runs – no matter how slow I transitioned them… They gobbled it up on day one and we have not looked back since. They immediately had solid, non-stinky poops. They have had no health issues at all. Only problem is they eat like pigs. But they are happy cats!! Your numbers confirm mine – I added up your 6.5+ kilos for 6 days which is about 14.5 pounds for me. It came out for your cats to a little under 13 ounces per cat per day – and mine eat a little more, about 14 to 16 ounces each per day… I had them checked for parasites because I was worried – but there were none :)

  4. Melanie says:

    How much of the Lysine freeze dried powder & Pro-Biotic liquid do you use?

    Allison Reply:

    Hi Melanie

    Lysine is made in different strengths. Best to check what it says on the container and what your vet says regarding dosage. It is not stored by the body and so it would be hard to overdose on it, but you still want to give enough to be effective.

    For pro-biotics I have changed what I do as the freezing of the meat kills the live bacteria in the liquid rendering it good only for nutritional value only. I serve it separately now.

  5. Tony says:

    My 7 months sphynx cat would always have blood in his stools when fed commercial dry or canned food. Now that I started a raw regimen, the poop is solid, non stinky and the litter box no longer needs to be changed as often as before. The only problem is that storage of raw food is not as convenient…

  6. Audra says:

    So if/when I buy my sphynx kitten, as it grows old enough to have actual food I should introduce the raw food diet for him/her?

    Allison Reply:

    Hi Audra

    No responsible breeder will let a kitten go to an owner when they are still drinking form their mother so they will be on solid foods for quite a while before you get to take ownership. I absolutely recommend a raw diet, but also recommend that whatever your breeder is feeding the kitten you continue on with until they are settled into your home first (at least a month). Cats are sensitive to major changes and moving house is very stressful as it is without also changing diet. So wait a while until moving them to raw (unless the breeder is already feeding raw of course!)

    Good luck!