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Sphynx Cat Questions – Yellow Fuzz on Feet

Question – my shpynxes paws and tail are fuzzy, but the fuzz has turned yellow. how do I clean him so its white again?

Answer –  It is not unusual for Sphynx cats to have fuzz on their feet, tails, nose and genitals. Depending on the colour of your Sphynx and how often, and with what, you wash them, you may end up with some discolouration.  If you are washing your Sphynx cat with a cat shampoo then staining will be coming from either the environment or there may be something wrong with the cat itself as some illnesses can affect the protein in the cat’s saliva, or over-grooming by the cat to areas because of illness. If you suspect a change in behaviour or health then a vet visit is advised.

If you know of an environmental reason (sleeping in a pot plant for example) a tip from the show ring may help. Make a slurry of cornflour and water and use like a shampoo on the areas. Rub vigorously into the hairy areas and then rinse off. When cat is dry dust cornflour into the fur and rub in.  The cornflour absorbs oils and helps remove anything that could be causing discolouration. Let the cat groom out naturally.

Note: My Sphynnx cat Luna is a pink Sphynx which means her fur is naturally white, but as she has grown older there has also been the appearance of some ginger fur as well. This comes and goes as the hair does. Make sure you aren’t mistaking natural ginger fur for discolouration.

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Sphynx Cat Q&A – My Sphynx Cats Just Mated How Long Till Kittens Are Born

This Sphynx cat question floored me a little because the asker seems to be breeding without understanding anything about the whole breeding process of cats. I am hoping that it was asked by a curious child member of the family and there is a responsible adult who knows what is going on.

My Sphynx Cats Just Mated How Long Till Kittens Are Born ?

Sphynx cats, like all cats will be pregnant for somewhere between 60-70 days, with 63-65 the average. As the egg is fertilised 4-5 days after ovulation, exact dating is difficult. In cats ovulation is prompted by the male spiked penis “scratching” the vagina of the female cat. Because of this the first mating will not result in kittens, but subsequent matings will fertilise eggs released after that first mating.

Female cats are able to breed before their first birthday and so should be desexed at around 12 weeks unless she is going into a planned breeding program.

The first sign of pregnancy (apart from the heat cycle stopping) is at around 3 weeks when the nipples of the female will swell and become a rosier colour, often called “pinking”.  Your cat may have symptoms of morning sickness which is more noticeable in Sphynxes because of their indoor habitat, and so may vomit several times in the first week or so of pregnancy. Food intake will increase and a good quality balanced cat diet should be fed to her.

Your Sphynx Queen’s belly will swell and at rest you may see the kittens moving inside of her at the end of the pregnancy.

Close to birthing time make sure you watch your Sphynx to see where she is planning to “nest”. Expert breeders will have a breeding box/room/area set aside to ensure the Queen is not disturbed while giving birth and the important bonding days just after birth. Do not handle the kittens too much after birth (even though you may be tempted) as this can distress the Queen and cause her to kill and eat her offspring.

Good luck !

Sphynx Cat Q&A – Is It Safe To Use Human Products On Sphynx Cats

The first of the Sphynx cat care questions are rolling in via email and the Sphynx Cat Facebook page and today we answer “Is it safe to use human products on Sphynx cats?” By human products we are talking about shampoos, wipes and moisturisers.

Human skin and cat skin have different pH levels. Human skin is around 5.4 on the pH scale and human shampoos are around 6 on the pH  to ensure cleansing without irritation. Cat shampoos should be around 7.5 on the pH scale because cat skin is naturally more alkaline than humans. It is ALWAYS advisable to use a product specifically designed for cat use instead of a human product, but infrequent use of a human product can be acceptable as long as there is no irritation caused by the product.

Be aware that human products have perfumes and colourants that can cause your cat to develop allergies if you are using them over a long period of time. Again…infrequent use (when you have run out of your cat shampoo for instance) is advised rather than long term use.  Even baby wipes can cause allergies in your cat, so sourcing cat wipes specifically made for cats is always the way to go.

All shampoos are made of chemicals (as is everything on the planet) so asking for a chemical free shampoo is not a helpful question when buying a Sphynx cat shampoo. Man-made chemicals are not necessarily a bad thing either as they have been tailored to perform the exact task required, rather than having something “natural” that does the job in a less efficient manner. What you want to avoid when buying a Sphynx cat shampoo is a product that is overly perfumed or contains bleaches (sometimes in show cat shampoos to whiten fur). I prefer products that have a natural base with additives to help get the job done properly.

The best way to get a Sphynx cat clean is to first loosen the dirty skin oils with an oil, then shampoo afterwards. If you live in an area with hard water, or very chlorinated water, then think about using bottled water or distilled water to minimise skin irritation. Sphynx cat skin is not any different to a normal cat’s skin in that it is trying to keep a coat glossy and protect itself so that infection cannot get in. Over washing (more than once a week) will cause more oil to be produced, leading to more washing…leading to a nasty cycle for your cat. Wipe down with wipes, or with oils to remove dirty spots just in the areas required during the week.

I recommend the following products for washing a Sphynx cat through my personal use and recommendations from breeders or other owners. Click the following to be taken to the product order pages

Sphynx cat shampoo

Sphynx cat oil

Sphynx cat wipes 

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Sphynx Cat Q&A Series

Over the next few weeks the Sphynx Cat blog will be answering questions that you may have about Hairless Cats or Sphynx Kittens. I have added a question box over on the side for you to pop in any question you may have about the breed. Don’t be shy ask away !


Sphynx Cat Shampoo Recommendation

I have been looking for YEARS for a good Sphynx cat shampoo that would work for Sphynx cat Luna who has dry skin and also work for Sphynx kitten Lucy who has oily skin. 3 months ago I was watching a TV show on the benefits of Emu oil and how it is good for the skin and for arthritis and other ailments and then they started talking about how good it is for pet skin as well. Naturally my ears perked up and I decided to try some out.

One of the big problems with supposedly “Sphynx shampoos” out there is they are made with harsh chemicals (and in far off places like China where you can never be sure what they REALLY put in it). It’s scary to think what it is actually doing to your Sphynx’s skin. Using human shampoo is just as bad as that is designed for PH levels different to our Sphynx’s skin. This shampoo is made here in Australia where we have stringent consumer laws about ingredients and also the best Emu oil in the world.

Emu Oil Pet Shampoo has the wonderful property of being able to clean oily skin as well as soothing and moisturising dry skin. Luna is a new cat, with soft supple skin, and Lucy’s brown oiliness disappears in a flash in the bath and I swear she stays cleaner, longer.

The shampoo isn’t mixed with scents (which you and your animals can be allergic too, and they upset animal skin) so it doesn’t smell like human shampoo, but it has no lingering smell either. It is very natural, and soothing. Also the shampoo goes a looooong way, I am still on my first bottle from 3 months ago, you really only need a smidgen, so the value cannot be beat.

Both Luna and Lucy have given Emu Oil Pet Shampoo their stamp of approval. To buy some just click this link